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Have you ever wondered how professional traders pick such accurate support and resistance levels? Do you wonder how hedge funds and big money traders choose the levels to buy and sell positions at the perfect time? You know, that trader who seems to know EXACTLY when to get in and when to get out.

What is the difference between you and the “perfect trader?”

What if those "picture perfect" entries and exits could be found with a simple indicator that you could add to the exact same chart you use with Thinkorswim or even apply it to your phone? You don’t need expensive software – you just need these price movement indicators from StartUp Trading.

The StartUp Trading

Swing Mark Indicator

Use this Swing Mark Indicator to determine the proper levels to start and end your trendlines.

The StartUp Trading

Leg Start Indicator

Download the custom-made Leg Start Indicator and add it to any chart – futures, forex, or stocks.

A Ten-Video

Instructional Course

I’ll show you how to draw the BEST trend lines as well as important support and resistance levels.

What Makes a

Powerful Indicator?

I have been a professional trader for a long time, and the number one thing I get asked by new traders is, "Jack, what indicators do you use?"

If you’re like 99% of traders, you probably feel like the right indicator could add value to your strategy. "I want an indicator that helps me find entries and exits for my trades." I think all traders can agree that the right indicator can add value to your strategy.

The problem is that most indicators are momentum-based indicators that lag the market. Price is the only thing that pays, and the price is the only indicator that matters.

I spent years going back and forth with momentum indicators like RSI MACD and moving averages, and none of them helped me or any other trader that has wasted their time chasing down momentum-based indicators. So, I made my own indicators based solely on price, and I’m teaching you how to use them.

Inform your trades with price-based indicators…

Cut Down the Learning Curve

These professional traders make it look easy – and it can be. When you are still learning to trade, the technical analysis can be chaotic. And that makes sense – all the messy squiggly lines, four different time frames, and five different charts. The confusion makes picking entries and exits difficult.

You can rely on a tool that identifies support and resistance levels based on price moves. This can be a gamechanger for the time spent on your trades. You can be confident in your analysis – and spend less time stressing over those price levels.

  • Save time finding levels
  • Be confident in your analysis
  • Make futures trading easy

Plus, for a limited time, I’m adding two FREE gifts!

Plus, for a limited time,

I’m adding two FREE gifts!

To make this package even better, I’m adding two more code packages to make your technical analysis easier than ever.



Mathematically calculate stops and targets based on the most recent size moves of the time frame you are trading.


Inside Outside Bar Code

Use this code to quickly scroll through any chart and see highlighted outside bars and inside bars on any time frame.


Trading is difficult – make it easier. I am a student with StartUp Trading and an owner of the indicator package created by founder Jack Gleason. The Leg Start and Swing Mark codes are a great addition to my personal, as well as any trader’s, toolbox. I can say this has been a great investment. I took the proverbial leap of faith and I have not been disappointed.

The codes allow you to see key levels, highs and lows, quickly and efficiently, on multiple timeframes. This gives you a great advantage as you chart out your next trade idea or manage a current position. This is a 5-star product, which allowed me to level up my trading.


– Adrian W.

Jack’s Swing Marks and Leg Starts Indicator is invaluable, first and foremost. These indicators are perfect for really any proficiency level of trader. They allow you to see perfect points to look for areas of support and resistance as well as being able to draw fibs, if that’s your thing.

It’s not like they only work on one time frame either. Load up a daily chart and look for levels of daily resistance and then save them for later while you do your work on a smaller time frame. If you couple these indicators with the class, you will be well on your way to knowing how to read the market just a bit better than you did yesterday.


– Brian L.

I’ve been trading for over 20 years. I’ve spent TOO much money over the years on indicators that just didn’t live up to their hype and ended up in the dust bin. I’m at a place now where I just don’t like spending money on indicators anymore, because there’s so little that I’d find really useful.

If I’m totally honest, I hesitated when considering this purchase. That said - after using it now for the past several months, I can say that it is MORE than worth the cost. It does, instantly, what would take [collectively] a LOT of time, on an ongoing basis. Can you do manually what it does automatically? Sure. But my time is money. There are a zillion things I need to do every night in my analysis as a trader in order to be consistently profitable.

This is like having an assistant mark up your charts for you every night with these crucial leg starts / swing marks, and not just on one chart… ALL of your charts. Do the cost calculation. $400, one-time payment. That’s a dollar a day [for the first year], and far less over time. Tell me where you can find an assistant to do this for you for $1 / day? My time is extremely valuable - this saves me a lot of time (and therefore money) every day.

Pivot levels form for a good reason - they’re often higher volume areas where the balance of aggressiveness in bulls vs bears make meaningful changes - and form areas/levels that become important and are revisited in the future. You need to know these levels, period, if you want to be successful as a trader. Brilliant in its simplicity, well worth it.


– Topher

Your Tools to Finding the Best Support and Resistance Levels…

StartUp Trading Swing Mark Indicator: $399

StartUp Trading Leg Start Indicator: $299

10 Video Instructional Course: $199

Bonus – ATR TOS Code: $199

Bonus – Inside Outside Bar Code: $199

A $1295 Value... Only $397!

A $1295 Value...

Only $399!

Expert Tools and Training

My name is Jack Gleason and I have been involved in the markets for more than half of my life. I placed my first stock trade when I was 15, opened my first brokerage account freshman year of college at the age of 18, and dropped out of college when I was 20 to pursue trading full time.

I have been trading full-time for over 10 years. Over that time, I have traded professionally at Trade Desk, a billion-dollar family office, and two different Chicago-based Futures Prop Firms. I earned my Series 56 License while working for a Prop Equity Desk in Chicago.

Before founding StartUp Trading, I was co-founder of a trading education community where over 5,000 students from across the world had full access to my teachings and strategies in the futures market.

As a result of my teachings with StartUp Trading, I have had many students quit their jobs to trade full time. I’m confident I can help you become the trader you want to be.