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The Missing Piece to Your Trading Success

How do you go from a casual trader making a few bucks here and there to a successful trader? You’ve seen them – traders who always seem to win. The difference is community. Those guys are with like-minded people who are able to help each other. It’s like they have the advantage of being on the trading room floor and hearing which moves to make and when.

A StartUp Trading Membership lets you participate with a group of traders who are watching the same markets and trading with the same strategies as you – just like you’re on the trading room floor. You can stay on track with your strategy, find trade ideas you may have missed, and get your questions answered.

Live Trade Screen

You’ll get my daily stock picks and setup grids – plus access to my live futures trading screen to watch my trades as they happen.

Daily Market Analysis

Watch my trade plan and analysis of six markets each day. Plus, get an additional market profile analysis by a 30-year veteran trader.

Members Only Chat

Surround yourself with traders using the same strategies successfully every day. Ask questions and get advice from seasoned traders.

from traders who changed their lives

When I got the opportunity to join StartUp Trading’s chat room, there was no hesitation. The community that has been built in the chat room is second to none and creates a very profitable environment to trade in. Everyone in the room has the same basic training and is learning Jack’s strategy so that everyone can help each other out and is on the same page. Jack does an outstanding job teaching you to understand how the strategy works and the exact rules he uses to trade himself.

The benefit to everyone in the chatroom using the same strategy is seeing the whole picture. Many different people will post potential trades that you may miss otherwise. The immense amount of opportunity that comes from StartUp Trading is incredible. I hope that everyone is able to take the opportunity presented in this community, it is truly life-changing.


– Calen

I’ve been following Jack for about 4 years now and will continue. In the beginning, I was very skeptical about spending money on a company I wasn’t familiar with. Watching the live videos with Jack changed my mind. Jack really wants to make sure you understand trading methods. Honestly, if you study and ask questions you will go far and be profitable.


– Anthony

Plan Your Trade Strategy With Expert Input

If you are new to trading futures, you may be struggling to put your knowledge into practice. This membership gives you access to my daily setup grids with support and resistance levels. Plus, you can watch my trades in real-time.

If you’ve been in the game for a while already, you may be trying to break bad habits and finally get on the path to successful trading. Get guidance from seasoned traders, including a detailed game plan on what to look for in each market.

  • Daily Screen Share
  • Daily Market Analysis
  • Daily Trade Plans
  • Daily Setup Grids

Your Key to Trading Success: The Right Focus

If you’re a student, entrepreneur, or anyone trying to make money on the side – making money needs to be one of the first things you think about in the morning. Surrounding yourself with others committed to the same goal keeps you focused.


Having a strong game plan each day is essential for good trading. Follow my daily plan or get ideas from other group members.

Risk Management

All of the money in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t manage it. Ask questions and learn lessons from experienced traders.


I practice what I preach every day – and I'm helping you do the same. Peek behind the curtain and watch my live futures trading.

Become a Better Trader With

Powerful Resources

Whatever type of trader you are – this group will benefit you. This membership brings together dozens of experienced traders so that you can benefit from our expertise. You get a wealth of knowledge – plus detailed instructions on how to put it into practice for yourself.

Watch my trades in real-time, every day

Receive guidance on trade opportunities from me and other seasoned traders

Populate your levels with professional analysis

Participate with a group of great traders watching the same markets

You can set yourself up for success by building the right habits and keeping yourself accountable. That’s exactly what’s available to you with this membership, so there’s really no room for failure.

Expert Tools and Training

My name is Jack Gleason and I have been involved in the markets for more than half of my life. I placed my first stock trade when I was 15, opened my first brokerage account freshman year of college at the age of 18, and dropped out of college when I was 20 to pursue trading full time.

I have been trading full-time for over 10 years. Over that time, I have traded professionally at Trade Desk, a billion-dollar family office, and two different Chicago-based Futures Prop Firms. I earned my Series 56 License while working for a Prop Equity Desk in Chicago.

Before founding StartUp Trading, I was co-founder of a trading education community where over 5,000 students from across the world had full access to my teachings and strategies in the futures market.

As a result of my teachings with StartUp Trading, I have had many students quit their jobs to trade full time. I’m confident I can help you become the trader you want to be.