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There’s no need to spend hours searching for basic information about futures. With the StartUp Trading Level Up Course, you can get a thorough introduction to futures trading in lessons that are easy to digest. Answer all your beginner questions about how futures work, learn the advantages to trading futures, and determine what type of trader you could become.

Your Path to Becoming a Funded Futures Trader

If you’re set on becoming a successful trader, you’ll need to develop the right strategies, hone your risk management, and lock in consistency. The extensive material in the Masterclass covers all this and more. This course can help you overcome all the common trading mistakes and meet the criteria to become a funded trader. Whether you're a novice or an experienced trader, it will take your trading to an expert level.

Plan Your Trades With Members’ Only Resources

A StartUp Trading Membership lets you participate with a group of traders who are watching the same markets and trading the same strategies as you – just like you’re on the trade room floor. You can stay on track with your strategy, find trade ideas you may have missed, and get your questions answered.

You’ll get access to daily market analysis, a live trade screen, members only chat, and more.

Inform Your Trades With Price-Based Indicators

These professional traders make it look easy – and it can be. There’s no need for it to be difficult picking entries and exits. Rely on a tool that identifies support and resistance levels based on price moves. This can be a gamechanger for the time spent on your trades. You can be confident in your analysis – and spend less time stressing over those price levels.

  • Save time finding levels
  • Be confident in your analysis
  • Make futures trading easy

Learn From an Independent Futures Trader

My name is Jack Gleason and I have been involved in the markets for more than half of my life. I placed my first stock trade when I was 15, opened my first brokerage account freshman year of college at the age of 18, and dropped out of college when I was 20 to pursue trading full time.

I have been trading full-time for over 10 years. Over that time, I have traded professionally at Trade Desk, a billion-dollar family office, and two different Chicago-based Futures Prop Firms. I earned my Series 56 License while working for a Prop Equity Desk in Chicago.

Before founding StartUp Trading, I was co-founder of a trading education community where over 5,000 students from across the world had full access to my teachings and strategies in the futures market.

As a result of my teachings with StartUp Trading, I have had many students quit their jobs to trade full time. I’m confident I can help you become the trader you want to be.


Trading is difficult – make it easier. I am a student with StartUp Trading and an owner of the indicator package created by founder Jack Gleason. The Leg Start and Swing Mark codes are a great addition to my personal, as well as any trader’s, toolbox. I can say this has been a great investment. I took the proverbial leap of faith and I have not been disappointed.

The codes allow you to see key levels, highs and lows, quickly and efficiently, on multiple timeframes. This gives you a great advantage as you chart out your next trade idea or manage a current position. This is a 5-star product, which allowed me to level up my trading.


– Adrian W.

Jack’s Swing Marks and Leg Starts Indicator is invaluable, first and foremost. These indicators are perfect for really any proficiency level of trader. They allow you to see perfect points to look for areas of support and resistance as well as being able to draw fibs, if that’s your thing.

It’s not like they only work on one time frame either. Load up a daily chart and look for levels of daily resistance and then save them for later while you do your work on a smaller time frame. If you couple these indicators with the class, you will be well on your way to knowing how to read the market just a bit better than you did yesterday.


– Brian L.

When I got the opportunity to join StartUp Trading’s chat room, there was no hesitation. The community that has been built in the chat room is second to none and creates a very profitable environment to trade in. Everyone in the room has the same basic training and is learning Jack’s strategy so that everyone can help each other out and is on the same page. Jack does an outstanding job teaching you to understand how the strategy works and the exact rules he uses to trade himself.

The benefit to everyone in the chatroom using the same strategy is seeing the whole picture. Many different people will post potential trades that you may miss otherwise. The immense amount of opportunity that comes from StartUp Trading is incredible. I hope that everyone is able to take the opportunity presented in this community, it is truly life-changing.


– Calen